TreeHouse Republic ident

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Some Work in progress of the soon to exist TreeHouse Republic ident.

pen and paper. photoshop. 3dsmax and of course softimage as the main workhorse!


Old Dublin Tram

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Here is a Old Dublin Tram I am working on at the moment, it is for a vfx shot that will eventualy be used as a proof of concept for a short film I am working on, I am also writing this peace with the very talented writer Robert Carberry and am in talks with a live action studio about the project…all being done now in the hopes of having a good pitch in place for the next round of funding in a few months.

The tram was built up in Softimage unwrapped in 3Ds Max, textures coming as soon as i get the other models out of the way.

Granny O Grimm

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Just thought id give a shout out to Granny o Grimm who was just shortlisted for an academy award, this was being made while I was in the studio(BrownBag Films) and Id like to congratulate the director Nicky for his achievement….also i may as well take this chance to pop a few stills from the show Noddy and Olivia which I was working on during my time in the studio. Good luck lads hope it gets the nomination.

Merlin Work In Progress

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merlin wip

here’s a chopper im working on for a VFX shot, its based on the RAF Merlin.

still a few bits to do on this modeling wise, but im starting to unwrap it for texture at the moment.

The shot for this involves a live action plate that is heavily altered with the use of 3D models and MattePainting, all tracked in using Syntheyes. Its a good fun project to work on, and a great learning experience for me, I will be using Softimages new ICE system for the sfx side of the project ie smoke, fire and dust.

Hello to everyone.

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Hello to one and all, this as you can see is my first ever post on my first ever personal blog.

For the most part ill be posting up 2D/3D work I have done and am working on. But i bet ill be throwing up lots of random rants and junk as I go.

So stay tuned for bits and bobs.